Summer Camps

The code hero standard

This is how Code Hero Camps are different

In Depth Courses

We really get in depth into the course of choice. Our courses are curated and let kids explore as deep as they wish to. For example, our linux course allows the kids to really accelerate and master concepts such as shell scripting.

Hands On With Hardware

Hardware related to courses such as ones involving Raspberry Pi and Micro Bit are provided to keep. These platforms are great at introducing kids to the concepts around Robotics. We aim to inspire the kids to continue to learn and experiment at home.

Individualized Attention

Your child's learning is our one and only goal. We offer attention to each and every child that walks into our door to ensure they are up-to speed with the topic in question. We will explore alternative means of learning at an individual level, if required.

Junior Camps Full day (Ages 5 - 8 Yrs)