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"Knowing the Knowledge of Computers is priceless"

Last year, my son, Alex and I, were looking in the area for a class or activity that surrounded computers, his main interest. I soon found Code Hero Academy. After visiting with them, we soon found a 'home' for my son. Since then, Alex has found something that holds his interest, makes him think and is curious to learn more. Due to the team at Code Hero, Alex is engaged and interested. The Code Hero team is involved and truly interested in each students success. Alex's successes are their successes, and it shows in both word and deed. I feel excited each week that Alex shows more advancement, we are provided with an update every session and are offered extracurricular work to further engage Alex's interest level. They effectively encourage this progress and I can't be more pleased with Alex's attendance in Code Hero Academy.

- Lisa, Parent

Thank you Code Hero Academy for providing this wonderful opportunity for our kids. My son loves programming and robotics; I am glad he found this place. I have never seen him more engaged and stimulated in any other after school and weekend activities. More importantly, he made new friends that share common interests and passions. I sincerely appreciate management for providing a community that facilitates my son's learning style and expectations. You guys are awesome! I am amazed by how you go above and beyond to ensure kids having a very positive experience. The instructors passion for technology and for the cultivation of our kids curiosity is top notch. Hoping that both my son and newly joined daughter continue to enjoy the classes and prepare themselves for their bright future. HIGHLY recommended.

- Jithendra, Parent

When I took on this job I instantly fell in love with it. I was learning something new everyday, and I was getting to share that with kids who I could see had that spark in them too and a real passion for learning!

- Liam, Instructor

Throughout my time at Code Hero I've been able to teach and mentor kids. The students here find it super enjoyable. They are able to express themselves though coding different projects and using different types of code. They come together to make new friends and learn life skills. Code Hero opens doors for how kids can one day impact the world.

- Sanju, Instructor

The Code Hero Academy team have been awesome! They are approachable and have a very engaging curriculum for kids. Our kids have a blast going there a couple times a week. They have an awesome, practical, and agile curriculum where they gradually ramp up learning. A mix of theory, coding, and hands-on robotics encourages kids in such a way they can't wait to get back :). Looking forward to continuing the kids' journey of great learning and fun.

- Ramki K, Parent

Our Mission

To teach technology
– in a fun and interesting way
– with clear progression paths
– to develop confidence and entrepreneurship
– while introducing quality, teamwork and empathy.

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