Our Mission

To empower the problem solvers of today and tomorrow to learn, create, and innovate in a rapidly changing technological world.

“Knowing the language of computers is priceless.”

school age kids

Students are invited to explore coding and robotics through a series of engaging and challenging activities and modules.  Starting with BLOCK coding, they earn badges as they learn the basics of control statements, logic, and movement.  This will help catapult them into SCRIPT languages like PYTHON, JAVA, and more!

FIRST® inspired

We are excited to host a FIRST® LEGO® League team as well as helping to sponsor/mentor FIRST® TECH CHALLENGE and the FIRST® ROBOTICS COMPETITION teams!

math curriculum

Partnering with proven success, we offer ALEKS as an added benefit to our program.  ALEKS is an intuitive online solution to identifying and closing gaps in understanding to help solidify the foundation of mathematical skills needed for future success.

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Why choose Code Hero?

We are committed to providing a personal experience for each of our students that allows them to learn, create, and innovate at their own pace, and in their own style. Our students leave feeling proud of what they’ve produced, and you’ll feel great about the investment you’ve made!

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