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At Code Hero Academy, we believe in and promote an inventor's mindset in all our students.

We ensure that our students are engaged and understand the "Why" before "What" and "How".

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Our Services

Math Classes

AP Pre Calc Course Mastery
AP Calc Course Mastery
SAT Prep

Technology Classes

Problem Solving w/Python
   (AI Assisted)
App and Web Development Training
Operating Systems and Security
Hands on AWS Training

Robotics Classes

Python w/Lego Mindstorms Robotics
Lego Spike Robotics
Lego Wedo Robotics
Raspberry Pi

Why Choose Us

We are passionate

Inspiration is paramount in everything we do

Learning + Fun

Meet and accomplish cool projects while learning with like minded friends

Lead With "Why"

Students feel inspired when they are able to appreciate power of knowledge


Knowledge and skills are key for innovative thinking and high belief in self


Our clients love us, here are a few of their quotes.

Our Mission

To teach technology
In fun and interesting ways
With clear progression paths
To develop confidence and entrepreneurship
While introducing quality, teamwork and empathy

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