About us

Our Mission

To teach technology
– in a fun and interesting way
– with clear progression paths
– to develop confidence and entrepreneurship
– while introducing quality, teamwork and empathy.

Our Team

Pranitha (Founder & Instructor)

Pranitha has 15 years of experience in the data engineering space. "I am passionate about knowing, understanding and teaching kids. Big believer in the fact that our kids need early and effective technology education in order to flourish in the future. Loves playing around with data technologies."

Venkat (Founder & Instructor)

Venkat has 17 years of experience as a software engineer including being a team leader while working with a vast array of technologies.  Passionate about learning and teaching anything and everything about technology.  Started tinkering with electronics at a young and continued through software engineering career.  Big time enthusiast of Cloud Tech and teaches AWS at Code Hero As well. 

Michael (Instructor)

Michael is a graduate of Lehigh University where he studied Finance and Computer Science. He was a resident assistant for three years and the Director of Education for the Lehigh Consulting Group. In his free time he enjoys running, working on code, and making art.

Karla (Instructor)

Currently based in California, Karla is a student attending Fresno State University majoring in Computer Science. Karla grew up in the Central Valley where unlike the west coast, computer science and engineering classes were few and far between. She strives to impact her community and communities close by to bring technology to students who may otherwise never be exposed to coding and robotics. She hopes to encourage students and give them the tools they need to explore the world of technology because one step inside can lead them to a million possibilities.

Briana (Instructor)

As a Minnesota native, Briana knows what it means to invest in her community. She is a positive and creative problem solver who enjoys learning about new ways to generate and share ideas. With a background in Information Sciences and Web Development, she is excited to help students innovate, grow, and express themselves through their work at Code Hero Academy.

Suzanne (Instructor)

With a background in Elementary and Middle School Education, Suzanne finds joy in helping students "click" with coding! Originally from Lincoln, NE, her tech experience goes all the way back to her high school days when she helped a teacher build a website for her class. It is fun for her to understand how things function behind the scenes. Today she enjoys helping her students have those same opportunities by creating code and seeing it come to life through robotics.

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