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Math OYA (One Year Ahead) Program

  • Propel High Achievers to score 95% and higher consistently in the years ahead
  • Build Math Muscles – Guided instruction for the AP Course and Test
  • Apply patterns to solve quickly
  • Practice solving the toughest problems
  • Implement numerical methods using python & VS Code (Numpy)
  • Strong foundation for AP & college level success
  • In person classes (We are located near Kroger on Hwy 9) with option to attend the same class online! 

Tech and Robotics for Kids

  • Programs designed for 6+ kids. 
  • The Junior (6 to 10) program is designed to encourage kids to understand and unleash their creative potential with technology. 
  • We believe it is crucial that you children understand that technology allows for creation as much for consumption. 
  • They also explore math and physics while solving puzzles and challenges with tools and robots. 
  • The program follows a monthly theme so that kids work on and inspire each other.


Monthly Theme – A monthly theme keeps kids engaged and interested.

Collaborative Learning – Kids work together, keeping each other engaged while having fun!

Classes for Adults

  • Professional classes for Adults seeking to upskill.
  • We will be offering courses in Python, Cloud Computing (AWS/Azure/GCP) and AI. 
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