Our Six Stage Program

Blast off towards a future full of possibilities

{Code} [Hero] Academy Program For Ages [10 to 16]

Code Hero "Six Stage" Senior Kids Program

Code Hero Academy Six Stage Program

At Code Hero Academy, we imagine our students to be innovators with a clear understanding of how modern apps and gadgets work. 
They know where to go, where things begin and end; as a result they do not wait for others to solve pressing problems, they back themselves to do that. This is the stuff leaders of the future are made of. 

Stage 1

The journey begins. Strap on to your seats, it is going to be an exciting ride


Welcome Students!
  1. The tale of Tech
  2. Python Beginnings
  3. Intro to Linux
  4. Raspberry Pi Intro
  5. Beginner Circuits

Stage 2

Your rocket has rumbled into motion with a furious blast. You are on way!


Lets Get Going!
  1. Python Continued
  2. Python Collections
  3. Linux Stage 2
  4. Rasp Pi Actuators
  5. Rasp Pi Sensors

Stage 3

You have cleared the Troposphere while speeding up though the noise has come down.


Still Accelerating!
  1. Python Advanced
  2. Python Modules
  3. IOS App Intro
  4. Swift Lang Intro
  5. XCode Intro

Stage 4

Your ride is at its thrilling top speed while clearing the Stratosphere.


  1. Web design basics
  2. HTML/CSS Intro
  3. IOS App Structures
  4. Swift Intermediate
  5. Crank some Apps

Stage 2

Your rocket is almost into space and has begun to level. You are almost there.


Levelling out!
  1. Web Design Contd.
  2. CSS/JS
  3. IOS Adv.
  4. IOS Views & Navs
  5. More Apps!

Stage 3

You have cleared and are well in space. It is time to begin your journey as an astronaut!


Take it home!
  1. Adv. Concepts
  2. Real world mega project that incorporates Python, Web, App and Hardware into actual use

$149 Monthly

How does it work ?

Every stage runs approximately for three months.

At a high level, what do we teach ?

Our curriculum is designed to go beyond just learning to code – to help students understand what is actually possible with tech skills.

How do we do it ?


Q :: How do I enroll ? You can enroll 🔗 online here 🔗

Q :: What is the price of the course ? 

There are two parts to the course

  1. Instruction ($149 monthly)
  2. Additional hardware kits (Raspberry Pi based kits). 

Q :: Do we have to sign up for a minimum period of time ?

The minimum required commitment is for a stage (Approximately 3 months). You can de-enroll after stage promotion.

Q :: Do you offer trial classes ?

Yes. Please sign up for our newsletter or visit our homepage for latest schedules.

Q :: Can we de-enroll and ask for a refund if we do not like it?

We do not offer refunds. We advise our prospective students to take advantage of the free classes or contact us for additional information.

Q :: Do you have any specials and discounts at this time ?

Our promotions are usually announced on social media – facebook/instagram/twitter and via our email list. Please join our mailing list to be kept up to date. 

Q :: So your classes also require hardware, like raspberry pi and other components? Where I can I get them ?

For raspberry pi kits, they are available via retailers like Amazon and other outlets. We use open source hardware as it offers comprehensive and deep selection of components at the best prices. We do create custom components as additions and they will be provided exclusively by us at a nominal cost that will include shipping. 

Q :: Why did you choose Raspberry Pi?

There are four reasons 

  1. Raspberry Pi is a full blown mini computer that is cheap and available.
  2. Kids are able to sharpen their linux system engineering skills on Raspberry Pi.
  3. It has a huge ecosystem of compatible kits and components available. 
  4. It can be extended to build robotic systems that students can try their coding skills with real world impact

Preparing for the Future is just one step away!

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