Celebrating International Womens Day 2022

At Code Hero Academy, we would like to acknowledge the pivotal contributions of women to advancement of computing and technology.
International Women's Day

Let us take a moment, today, to remember the pioneering contribution of women around the world to the world of computing and technology. 

Despite the odds, Ada Lovelace designed the first algorithm that was executed on a computer and was a pioneer in the field. Read more here

Grace Hopper designed the first compiler ever. Read more about her inspiring life here

We would like to take the day today to recognize and offer our appreciation to our inspiring and loved teachers Suzanne, Karla and Briana. They share their belief in the mission to inspire our young students to be curious and learn all they can about creating wonders with technology. 

This is also the perfect place to recognize our outstanding students such as Esha, who beat the odds, worked really hard and won top prizes and left their mark on a lot of other young students. 

In this day and age, there is still a wide chasm with respect to women participating and leading technology efforts across all disciplines. This is an opportunity to reaffirm our pledge to do all we can to help women everywhere break the mold and lead the way to a safer, peaceful and progressive world. 

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