Why does SAT Prep Matter?

The first real, meaningful Academic competition

  • School academics are NOT competitive
  • Things get competitive starting with College 
  • SAT is the first real taste of raw competition
  • It is a good indicator for the type of competition we face throughout our lives

teaches the real meaning of "innovation"

Innovation is simply about doing things we do but faster and/or with better efficiency.

MATH, until this point, is simply about being able to solve problems. 

With SAT, that is no longer the case. The winner has to optimize a faster, more reliable way to satisfy the question to be placed favorably. 

I deliberately used ‘Problem Satisfaction’ instead of ‘solving problems’ to indicate that it is not always required to solve a problem completely to acquire points. 

At any rate, SAT prep helps understand the concept of solving problems in multiple ways and each method has its own value. 


Learn the value of the hustle

The ability to hustle when required is an important skill.

This art requires a person to let go of pre-conceived beliefs and habits and believe in a better outcome. 

SAT is a good introduction to that concept. 

What does All of this mean to you?

High school students benefit from training and participating in SAT.. whether or not they feel if it is required. The preparation for this is unique in teaching the finer lessons on not settling on mediocre but to apply strategy and lift themselves higher to achieve premium performance. 

The self belief that results from such an effort has the power to carry them through their career. 

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