MICROBIT Sumo Battle

Last week we hosted a BLOCK coding camp for kids…it was EPIC! We started the week getting some basic understanding of logic and control statements using our MICROBIT chips. Displaying images was fun…but it wasn’t enough!

Soon came the RingBit Car. Learning to communicate and control the cars was eye opening! Using code to create movements really got the kids engaged and ready for what was next! It is a beautiful thing when curiosity, creativity, and innovation come together!

Using legos, each kid customized their car into a BattleBot, and before we knew it the SUMO BATTLE was on. The energy, excitement, and enthusiasm was hard to contain…and that was just from the instructors! You can imagine how the kids felt as their friends cheered them on to victory…and defeat!

Thanks to all the kids for their dedication, focus, and hard work this week! To see more of the battle visit our Facebook page!

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