Unleash their Screen Time with our JAVA Code Camp

Have you ever wondered if your kids are Digital Natives? Wonder no more…they are! They have grown up in an age where they can’t even think of why phones would have needed a chord, let alone buttons!

Kids have more technology in their hands today than the crew on Apollo 11! Okay…I’ll have to check on that last claim, but you get my point…but even though they have these great and powerful tools, most of us still want them to waste less time on them. Ah, the never-ending screen time battle!

What if you were able to tap into the curiosity that exists in your kids about technology? What if you had a way to engage them in a learning process that was fun and exciting? Well, now you do!

We hope you’ll consider joining us! Register today by selecting the JAVA Fundamentals/Intro to AWS course.

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