Things are Changing at Code Hero Academy

COVID-19 seems to have changed everything. We were stuck at home for months, told not to get together in groups, and, in the case of Code Hero Academy, forced to close our physical location for awhile. But it’s okay, we adapted. Instead of stopping classes all together, we moved to conducting classes online. And it is working. In fact, we have made the decision that we will not be reopening our physical location any time soon and to keep our online courses as a major part of our teaching strategy.

So what does this mean for the students? Basically, it means that our students can now work from home. We still offer classes such as: Web Design, which includes HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and Python. The difference is we host video meetings with all of our students. We conduct our classes to match the students’ pace and make sure everyone gets to participate. We share plenty of examples. In fact, having everyone online at the same time means we can show multiple examples we’ve found easily in our browser. Most importantly, we can easily stop for questions, share a student’s code if they’ve encountered an error, and work together to create projects and solve problems.

It also means that we are expanding in multiple ways. Here are a few:

  • We will now have students from around the world participating in our classes.
  • We will also be offering classes for adults.
  • We have already added new instructors and plan to add more instructors for specialized classes.
  • We are adding more classes and more subject areas. This will continue to change as we get instructors specializing in a specific coding language or area of coding.

For now, we plan to start new batches of our current classes soon. If you are interesting in learning about our class offerings, just let us know by emailing us at [email protected]. We will continue to keep our website updated as more classes and times are added.

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