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Hello Parents

This is a challenging time for all of us with the impact caused by the Covid 19/ Coronavirus pandemic. Schools and activities are closed to kids for a while and its time to hunker down.

Unfortunately this means lots of screen time, perhaps to keep them quiet or to get the kids out of our hair when we try to get work done from home. We are offering an opportunity to engage your kids with coding.

With our online classes, we are not just one more shop trying to teach the dry subject of writing lines after lines of code. We will transform the learning by helping kids relate to the concepts with real world metaphors and with real world challenges that are designed to challenge and excite the kids. This helps them realize the potential and activates their creative side.

We have seen how proud our students are when they demonstrate the cool game they built or the impressive website about their favorite superhero that they have created. Our students have also learned to build award building apps (read the blog on our website) and have become mini celebrities in the community.

Don’t just take our word for it. Just read the testimonials on our website or on google. We are on a mission to impart effective and inspirational technical education. They are our future and technology literacy is key to help them thrive.

We have a special discount of $20 for the first five enrollees with discount code EARLYBIRDONLINE for the Python-Web-Design-Linux-Fundamentals course.

With no commitment* required, this is a no brainer. Check us out today!

* One month notice required for holds or cancellations


Code Hero Academy Team

It makes a lot of sense

Invest in your kids future.

Turn their natural interest in technology into an advantage.

Make their screen time really count.

Visit our our online courses page to register

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